Essential Cleaning Concentrate
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Introducing Gardenville's therapeudic grade essential cleaning concentrate made of 2 parts Eucalyptus, Orange & Peppermint & 1 part Camphor, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Lemon, Lime, Pine Scotch, Rosemary & Tea Tree essential oils.  15ml is enough to make 1 half gallon of cleaning solution. Our 30ml size will make 1 full gallon. Can be used to combat cold/flu symptoms, clean most surfaces, added to laundry or dishwasher, added to home air filters, diffused in the air, as a fungal combatant, gargled to soothe your throat and kill bacteria in the mouth, as a deodorant and much more.  We recommend mixing with water in a glass spray bottle and applying throughout the home this way.

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Essential Cleaning Concentrate

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